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What kind of content, mechanics, cleanup, and balancing do you want out of V2?

  • This one is easy.

    An elaboration on the mechanics left hagning and teased in the V1.

    Namely the Changeling arts that can be (used?) by the one merit as well as a full ruleset for Path of Neptunes Might. The Luminary powers teased as well.

  • I am looking forward to so many things!  

    1. IA sect rules/setting and status.
    2. Additional thaum and necro. 
    3. The "new" BNS disciplines. 
    4. Hopefully alt setting with merits /mechanics to reflect like dark ages or v5.
    5. Really just all of it. 
    • 1. The problem I have with the IA (whom I love) is that V5 has no concept of them and ultimately we need to work our setting towards the V5 setting long term.  Licensing issues. White Wolf wants a single universe.

      2. Yes

      3. Yes

      4. Yes

      5. MORE

      • I actually kinda dig this. Does your response to #1 influence what you all will be doing with Blood and Betrayal?

        • Sad. I really like the current BNS setting more than V5. Was hoping to get a formalized version of the IA as they exist in Blood and Betrayal supported by merits and status.

        • Bringing back old school thaum/necro paths (Spirit Thaum, Neptune's Might, Transmutation, etc...) and Abyssal Mysticism!

          Oh, and to have volume 2 parts 2 and 3 before the end of January.

          "White Wolf wants a single universe." - BOO
          But at least they are supporting y'all!

        • A PDF release I can load onto my kindle without worrying about signal/internet/futzing with an additional app.

          • Content wise though? Outside of what we know is already coming, I'd like more Sect Merits. The Cam in particular could use some love in that dept.

          • I love the BNS and the pre-views of the coming updates and the Volume II issue I.

            One thing formatting wise I would like to throw outhere for future consideration is the size of the Core books. With several volumes being merged into one I wonder how large these new books will get also.

            The 550p core VtM book and the 762p Werewolf book are a bit unwieldy. I was a big fan of the old Minds Eye books that were 1/2 size, were easy to haul around in a pocket IC.

            It seems sometimes the new books are trying to fit to much erroneous information in one.

            Oh,and I fully agree with the ebook/Kindle/epub. Having different electronic release mediums would be great instead of just the pdf. With my Kobo it will auto adjust based on how large I want the print, which might actually help me with the unwieldy issue listed above.

            A last suggestion to consider. I have been playing for over 20 years now. In the past it was easier to draw newer players when bookstores and game stores had hard copies of the books at a good price. Now with so much being sold online very few game stores have the book(s) in stock, which also means they know little about VtM LARP and don't share it with their customers.

            My suggestion would be to release the PDF's early on drive thru and then release the physical books more through game stores at ideally cheaper prices so as to draw in more new players and raise awareness to those who might not know about WoD yet but would be interested.

            I personally am all over the PDF's as soon as they are out and would be willing to go to my local game store to pick up a nice soft cover a few months down the line. It gets us back into game stores which means more people to talk about VtM LARP