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How did you get into LARP?

Hey there, everyone! 

Whether you've been playing for 20+, or your first game was a week ago, we all have a story of how we first got into LARP.

No matter how long you've been playing, there are certain scenes and memories that we will fondly hold on to forever.

Dear friends and fans,

How did you first get into LARPing? 

Did a friend get you into it? 

Maybe you happened to stumble into a goth club on the "right night", or perhaps you found some books you'd never seen before in a gaming shop. 

What's your story? 

What made you fall in love with the hobby?

What's your fondest memory? 

For those that have never LARP'd before, what about it makes you to give it a try? What are you hoping to experience when you finally get to attend your first LARP? 

For me, I discovered a copy of the revised LotN book in a used book shop in 2004. I was passing through Georgia, when we made a detour to do a bit of shopping. I went into the book store, and there I found it: the book that changed my life forever (and hopefully for the better, but that's arguable). Immediately fell in love with clan Toreador, and have been obsessed with VtM ever since. Though, I finally had the opportunity to attend my first game at a convention in 2009. I bet you can guess which clan I played. ;) 

Share your experiences! I want to hear how you first got into this addictive hobby! 

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  • I was 17.  The big green box set that was the precursor to everything we play today showed up in our comic book store in 1993 and I played it at DragonCon that year.  I was already a World of Darkness fan for tabletop play.

    That was the moment.  I fell in love and abandoned pretty much every other game since.  I've tried dozens,  none ever came close.

    • We dressed up for tabletop vampire too.  I'm the shirtless skinny 17 year old. Proof I had hair... and was skinny once.

    • I was 14 in 1995 at an All Books/Coffee shop. Saw a bunch of goth kids and a girl I had a crush on at the time sitting around a table with a grey book talking about their awesome night. 

      I listened and then asked if they were talking about DnD and they laughed and invited me over. After that it all history! Been in it since. 

      • Not sure what year it was, I bought the Masquerade 2nd edition book and brought it back to my TT group. We had played Vampire since 92 right before Werewolf had come out and we loved playing in a weekly crossover game. We heard that a LARP group, who at the time we thought were called OWBN, had started in a neighboring town. One of our group had went to the LARP and when he came back he did nothing but ridicule the players.

        Luckily we never listened to him, me and a friend went over and joined the newly started LARP and I played in OWBN until we switched over to Camarilla fan club with Requiem. We didn't play TT much after joining the LARP. I am still glad to this day we never listed to him. :)

        • I started when I was a teenager in Chicago. I had heard for a couple years of people getting into this super secretive game, and when I worked at a Halloween event, I happened to get invited to join. At the time there was a number you had to call the day of the game to get the location, and it added to the excitement. That night I wrote up my first Gangrel in OWBN and met players from Virginia who had made the trip out. Perfect autumn night, and it set me up for a lifetime of fandom. 

          • I was in my early 20s. I just decided I wanted to see if LARP was remotely as bad as I'd heard. Spent weeks trying to find my local game. Finally tracked it down, showed up on my own, scribbled a sheet out on notebook paper for my first game. Had fun. Kept showing up.

            • I was a freshman in highschool and my boyfriend at the time asked me if I wanted to go. He brought me to a local game. I kept going back, for Vampire, for Werewolf, to shoot the shit... even after I broke up with that boyfriend, I kept going back.
              I did stop playing for many years but I'm back in it again and I will keep doing it until I'm dead! 

              • In my 20's had a friend who we played DnD with. They were the "freak" who pretended to be a vampire almost every weekend. Well, they convinced me and a friend or two to give it a try. Turns out we were completely misunderstanding what they did on weekends and had no idea what we were missing out on.

                I jumped in with a easy to play clan - Brujah. 

                First night me and some other new players I just met, who had barely any idea of the rules, decided to try to hunt down this damn Nosferatu that had insulted us. We rigged the air caps on their limo's tires to blow and then waited. They left and Obfuscated. We tried to follow, not understanding that if they are obfuscated we would just ignore their tracks in the snow for a while. We eventually found their tracks and followed.

                He could have wiped the floor with 3 7/5/3 neonates. Turns out he was the oldest and most powerful character in the game at the time. Instead of just destroying us as most players would, he put me under his thumb. my next year was spent coming up with ways to buy his favor and "Keep him from offing me", that and planning on ways to get back at him.

                Well, I bought my way free several times, only to fall again and have him bail me out and owe him again.

                A true champion among players. A real mentor even though I never really got to know him OOC for a couple years.

                That character SID went on to survive for many many years, I am sure it was 6-8+ years. 

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