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Flashback Friday 90s Brujah Fashion tips

Flashback Friday!

Hey there, Kindred & Cainites! 

VtM  has come along way since the 90s. 

While we look to the future, it can be fun to reminiscence.

Costuming has always been one of my favorite aspects of LARPing. People are always looking for inspiration. Below are some of the guidelines published in the Masquerade Player's Kit from 1994 as well as my thoughts on them.

Brujah: The passionate Warrior Scholars of Carthage and the modern streets. Anger them at your own risk.

Elder Fashion Tips -

"Brujah Elders dress any way they damn well please. Most seem to favor comfortable, somewhat scholarly clothes, although there are plenty who are into leather or grunge instead."

My opinion? Who doesn't prefer a well-dressed Elder! Leather and grunge are all well and good, but a Brujah Elder breaking the modern day fashion stereotype is always a breath of fresh air. The biggest point to remember is stated perfectly in the first sentence. Brujah Elders dress any way they please. I *dare* you (to their face) to critique their fashion choices. 

Ancilla Fashion tips -

"These Brujah typically dress in whatever attire suits their needs. However, they still greatly favor clothes that demonstrative of their lingering rebellious nature. Sometimes these styles are slightly retro." 

I'm curious what they mean by “retro”? I've seen a lot of mobster-looking Ancilla Brujah, and maybe the occasional 50s greaser types. But still, leather, denim, and anger seem to be the most common of choices. What do you think they mean by “retro”? Again, this is basically saying they can wear whatever they want, which they indeed do! 😉

Neonate Fashion Tips - 

"Brujah Neonates wear only the most  extreme clothing. They enjoy anything which could be morally offensive and/or eye-catching."

Punks, punks, bikers, and more punks! I see more of that d.i.y gear with the Neonates, and I love it! Anti-establishment themes, leather, ripped clothes, and an over-all look that days “f-off”. The stereotypical looks of the Neonates usually make up what people think Brujah look like, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Some of the ideas above might have become a bit dated - I admit!

We've seen Brujah come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. There've been Brujah in nice suits, medieval armor, biker gear, punk clothes, 50s rockabilly, and many other different looks. It's YOUR character, and YOUR vision! 

Brujah Players, please comment with your stories about your best costuming adventures! Pictures welcome! I want to hear from you!

Have you ever d.i.y'd something for them before, or perhaps found a rare clothing item that made your Brujah look complete? 

What fashion tips do you have for playing a warrior scholar? 

Praise Caine,


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