Vampire v5

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Fans and Groups related to White Wolf's Vampire version 5 (V5)!

I'm personally excited to see how the LARP version of v5 turns out. 

Hunger, touchstones, resonance, combined disciplines, lore sheets, and new setting merits. 

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What do you like and what do you hate about the v5 setting.  What changes do you want to see?

New v5 cover art for the space!

I think I just unlocked it so that anyone can join the v5 space without getting approval.  

Have a table top group you want to manage here? We can make that happen.

Welcome to the V5 Space.  What will we do with it? Talk/Share/Grow.  More subspaces as we grow an audience.  Hey - discussion forums for v5 dedicated without cluttering everything else up.

I expect to launch a site with this space soon as well.

What more do you want to see out of the V5 Space?

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Some of the art selections for Vampire V5 by White Wolf

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